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Most of you who don't follow me in real life follow me because you all became fans of my Star Wars fan comic. And I want to apologize right now for dropping the ball on it. I love my characters. I love the overall arcs it took. I like the jokes.

But looking back on it now, especially in the every beginning, there are several story arcs I can't believe I wrote. The art was hideous...not saying I'm a master now, by ANY stretch of the imagination, but it hurts to look at sometimes. And I think I just got worn out. And for that, I truly apologize to everyone I kept waiting, especially after I announced it would be coming back, only to upload a handful of strips. Life got in the way (as usual) but I still can't help but feel bad about it. You guys are amazing, and your comments brought me many smiles.

This all being said, I recently acquired a book that goes into pretty awesome detail about the Jedi and how the ranks work, how they grow and learn, and whatnot. And I never forgot my characters, but this brought them back into the front of my mind. I miss my Anakin, Joone, Mari...all the characters, really. They meant so much to me over the years.

I had the ending planned out, but I cannot continue to work from where I stopped; it feels too messy and sloppy at this point. I did start the comic many years ago, and never planned for it to go this far. But here it is. And I want to continue, but like I said, not from here. I'm thinking a relaunch would be in order. Start over, start fresh.

Would I take down the old comic? No, absolutely not. As much as it embarrasses me now, doing those comics helped me grow, and I still love them for what they were. And I know many of you love them as well, and I will not take them down. The relaunch would go in its own folder, or perhaps a new deviantART ID all together.

Currently, because the real-life basis of the cast seems to like the idea, I am 95% positive I will go through with this (I started it for them, after all). It would probably be a once a week thing, uploaded on Sundays. That way, I don't get worn out as fast as I used to (7 pages in one day was my record...think about that). Just throwing this out there to see if anyone else has any opinions on the matter, cause as I said, I like you guys and ya'll rock. <3


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Do people still read your comic??
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Hey I was wondering if it wasnt to much trouble maybe you could put the rest of the starwars fan comic 215-226 into the folder? If its a pain than dont bother but just wondering...
Thanks for making this comic. It awesome
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I really like your SW comic's i hope to see more!
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